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5 Advantages Sellers Have With A Great Real Estate Agent

02 Sep 2021 | 13 minutes read

When selling a property, the first thing that most sellers probably think about is - “I need to find an agent.” That being said, sometimes sellers do wonder: “Should I go through a real estate agent for this, or can I do it by myself”?

Why do sellers ask this question? Simply because of potentially being able to avoid the agent commission. However, in many cases, there are big advantages to getting a professional agent on your side. Here are some advantages of having a great agent on your side when selling, that sellers should look out for and leverage on:

1. Agents have access to large networks of clientele and resources

One advantage of having an agent to sell your property is that he or she would already have a pool of potential buyers in mind to market your property to. They can leverage their network with other agents, or a real estate agency to spread the word that your house is for sale, and connect you with more interested buyers.

Many real estate agents are also familiar with marketing platforms that have the highest conversion rates so you can sell your property efficiently. They can advertise your property online to their clientele in just a few hours after listing your property on the market. On top of that, seasoned property agents have a network of contacts for related services. 

Many agents have built their connections with interior designers or contractors who can help with staging your home. On the other hand, for a DIY home sale you will need to gather these contacts on your own. You will need to source for your buyers, and use the right marketing channels to further spread the word on your property listing. 

Ask yourself how big of a pool of buyers will you be able to reach in advertising your property? Keep in mind that a smaller pool of potential buyers would mean less demand for your property, which can translate to a lower success rate of selling your property within the optimal price range.

2. Hiring an agent can save you valuable time

You might be working a full time job of your own, have meetings to attend and projects to rush for to meet deadlines. Choosing to sell a home on your own means you will have to allocate time to attend to all aspects of it, which may take up more time than you can spare.

On top of working your job, can you afford to:

  1. Find the time to constantly seek opportunities to market your home?
  2. Follow up with every phone call from potential buyers at work?
  3. Take time off work or after office hours to coordinate viewings?
  4. Respond to negotiations in a timely manner?

Selling your property can be time consuming. Therefore, hiring an agent to sell your home can save you valuable time.

As mentioned earlier, a property can be sold efficiently with the right marketing channels connecting you to the right buyers. This is possible as real estate agents are able to fully commit their time into these processes, and when you are at work, they can simultaneously be showing your property to interested buyers. Bear in mind that it is not uncommon to take more than a few scheduled property viewings before you find a suitable buyer for your home. 

Thereafter, agents will be negotiating with other buyers or other agents on your behalf. The selling process can take up to a few weeks or even months, depending on the type of property for sale and the market conditions, and to ensure your property is sold for an optimal amount and in a timely manner, hiring a real estate agent can save you the time in doing so.

3. Agents can skillfully negotiate deals in your interest

For most cases, a real estate agent would have had experience in negotiating and closing many sales before. Therefore hiring one to represent you can be advantageous in getting the most out of a home sale.

Moreover, agents are experienced in picking up the tell-tale signs of an indecisive buyer, or negotiating with other experienced agents as well. As someone who represents you, an agent can negotiate the value of your property in your best interests, so you can sell it within an optimal price range.

Should you decide to do this by yourself, you will need to strategize on your negotiations and rely on your own market knowledge in doing so. Some home sellers may even have sales experience, but selling a home can be far different.

For selling a home, keep in mind there can be many parties involved in the deal. You may have to deal directly with the buyer, or sometimes the buyer’s agent, who will be negotiating in your buyer’s best interest.

You may not know how to identify and use the unique qualities of your home to upsell its value at times, something that we’ll cover later in this article, and this can be disadvantageous for you when you are negotiating with experienced agents, as you may not know how to counteroffer a sale price which may be far below your home value.

4. Agents can be objective with the flaws of your property

No property is perfect. Many come with their fair share of good and bad points. If you decide on a DIY home sale, you may be oblivious to these flaws until a buyer brings them to your attention. 

Having lived there yourself, defending these flaws of your own home can be a natural response. You might however, end up being too focused on them and miss out on opportunities to upsell the qualities of your home instead.

This is where the difference between selling on your own and hiring an agent can be crucial. An agent can point out the flaws of your property that potential buyers would also most likely be weary of. They know what makes a home sell, and what you can do or change for your property to stand the best chance to attract buyers in the market. 

Since they do not live there, they do not hold any emotional attachments to your home that might interfere with the sale. Keep in mind that an agent may look out for the flaws to be improved in your home, but they are also quick to notice the selling points of your property. Agents know to focus on these qualities during the selling process to appeal to interested buyers.

5. Agents are familiar with the legal requirements of a home sale

Lastly but also very importantly, agents can assist you with the handling of all legal paperwork involved for your home sale. They may not be lawyers themselves, but they have probably transacted many homes before to know the legal documents needed for your home sale.

There are many legal aspects of property transactions an agent can advise you on throughout the selling process, and since there are multiple parties involved in a home sale, there may be more documents required from them as well.

An agent can ensure the necessary loan the buyer takes from the respective financial institution has been approved, with the proper documentation to support that evidence obtained as well. They are experienced in checking for any clauses in a contract that may instead be overlooked should you choose to sell a home on your own. They are well-versed with any law on disclosure, and they can be there to remind you of the best practices when it comes to disclosing any home defects before selling your home.

Keep in mind that selling your home will likely be one of the biggest transactions in your life. Having someone who knows the strict dos and don'ts in your best interest can make transacting your home sale that much smoother.

To sum it up - 

If you’re selling a property, consider getting an agent if:

  1. You are unsure of who and where to market your property to
  2. You feel you may not have the time to dedicate yourself to the process fully
  3. You require someone who can negotiate deals in your best interest decisively
  4. You need a partner to point out and cover the flaws of your property
  5. You are unfamiliar with the legal procedures that can be involved when selling a home

Deciding to sell your home is a big commitment, and the process of selling it is an even larger commitment. It is crucial you consider the factors involved and the commitment that is required, before you decide whether you should hire an agent or do your own home sale.

If you choose to have a great agent on your side, you will find that your selling process is smoother, stress-free, and most importantly - you’ll potentially get the best deal. 

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