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Is it better to sell your home first before buying another?

When it comes to upgrading a property, many home sellers are faced with this decision, “Is it better to sell my home first, or buy first then worry about selling after?”  Well, the answer to this “chicken and egg” question depends on various factors and your unique situation. However, in...



The Important Differences Between a Buyer’s and Seller’s Agents

In most property transactions, there are 2 main parties involved; the buyer and the seller, and both sides usually have an agent that represents them and be the mediators throughout the whole sale process. However, depending on who they are representing, buyer or seller, each agent bears their own unique...



Thinking Of Selling Your Property? Just 2 Things To Consider

There will come a time when homeowners start asking themselves; Am I living in my forever home? Is it time to think about upgrading? Would staying in this current property benefit me and my family in the long run? These are pretty huge committal decisions to make, and truth be...



5 Advantages Sellers Have With A Great Real Estate Agent

When selling a property, the first thing that most sellers probably think about is - “I need to find an agent.” That being said, sometimes sellers do wonder: “Should I go through a real estate agent for this, or can I do it by myself”? Why do sellers ask this...